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Every entrepreneur has doubts. While some of them come from "real" uncertainties like "how to make my app really good", "how do I realize if an employee is a good fit", "do I have enough money" others are more like... personal doubts; things "the man in the mirror" asks you every morning.

We can't help you understand if you should create a business or just find a decent job and live a normal life, but while you figure it out yourself we can:

  • Launch the product early
  • Test the audience
  • Fit MVP into your budget
  • Find relevant investors
  • Whatever is crucial for your business to thrive
Check out:

For Startups

Love your new project and want to succeed? Do it smart. Do it as a team. We team up with startups for greater and faster success. From R&D to Investments. Let’s team up and succeed together.
Research and Development
For those who wants to spend the investment smart. We co-invest. By reducing the development cost with no expertise sacrifices. Talk to us to get more on how this is possible and get a special offer.
Product Development
You have a great idea on the core product? A stunning technology? Cool. Usually, that’s not enough, though. The product is what the consumer perceives with emotions. Simple, efficient and pure joy. This is how you get 99% user retention.
Great product is crucial to retain users. Marketing, on the other side, helps grow the audience, raise brand awareness, and make a perfect onboarding experience. Together with a great product, it can make magic.
Business analysis
Users compare your app to the competitors’ and say “ehh”? Want to grab all the potential audience, but looks like resources are vanishing with no result? Let’s sit and analyze what are your strongest and weakest traits and find a solution that will just work.
Business Development
Everyone needs connections network, right? OK, we can share ours. But more importantly, we can bring new ones that are especially relevant and crucial for your business. Want to move fast - do it.
Company Development
A young company needs a lot to get done besides the core product and idea. Even though it’s a startup - it’s a business. It should be thought as a business. With departments, processes and communication fine-tuned. We do it on a daily basis and have done it successfully in Crossroad. Can do it with your young company too.

For Investors

Even though you think probabilities, you may want to increase the success rate of the businesses you invest in. While in traditional business everything is pretty much established and clear, in the startups’ world there still is a lot of mess and uncertainty. This is where we become of use. All we do is directed strictly to increasing the success rate of startups we work with. We are investing ourselves so… we are in the same boat.
Business analysis
You have seen a lot of golf sticks. The plan is: a lot of work to be done, then magic happens and boom - success! Still 90% of startups fail. Here we can help your startup with analysis of how to grow the business, rather than stay concentrated on the work to be done.
The team tells everything is cool, but with your guts, you feel they might need help. You don’t want to get into the technological details yourself. Let us find out if things are still smooth and suggest you a couple of options on what to do next.
Nice guys with a promising business plan? Let us talk to them and form our own opinion. We worked with a lot of teams and have quite some experience to understand if everything is as cool as it looks.
Investment offers
For those who want to invest with us together. Best startups we work with and invest in. You have an opportunity to join.

For Businesses

Even for the biggest and the most successful companies the right people is the most crucial resource. This is the core of our business: we gather the best people together to achieve stunning results. Might you need some help: let us know and we will try to analyze how exactly we could help your company.
Research and Development
Classic. You lack free hands? We have great human resources and well-established recruiting process. Either it is an accounting system to be used inside the company or a public product we would be glad to help.
Business analysis
This is how we avoid time and money wasting. Analyze. First. Then do. Before even touching something, we usually offer to make our analysis of your business domain to double check we are heading the right direction and are to build the optimal solution.
Offshore departments
Not enough skilled workers in your area or you would like to reduce the costs? Offshore department may be the right solution for you. Both managed and self-managed options are available.
Want to build an affiliate abroad but have no local connections? Just tell us where and what’s your goal: we will find a solution.
Gil Azrielant CTO @ Cool Cousin
Working with Crossroad Labs has been a great experience. We used their services as an addition to our in-house developers. Working together felt seamless and we enjoyed their professional services and kind care.
Darryl Allen
I highly recommend this company. Very professional, patience, very knowledgable. The company was very clear in what they would do and what would be the end product. We are very satisfied with the work they have done and no doubt we will use their services in the very near future. Rest assured if you hire Crossroad Labs. They will finish your project on time and on budget, no hidden extra cost. We are very pleased!!
Michael Brill CEO @ Cruzu
Daniel and his team were extremely helpful in evaluating and implementing the solution for live video streaming. When the original solution turned out to not be workable, they researched and found a great alternative, implemented and integrated for me... even though it probably took twice as much effort as they thought. Am definitely going to continue to work with them!!

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